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Selling is persuading

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Selling is persuading someone to buy something. The something may be a product, a service, an agreement, an exchange, a plea, an observation, or a story. You may simply be trying to persuade someone to believe you, or you may be asking them to exchange a wad of money for a product or service. You want, and sometimes need, to be persuasive. What does this take? Everyone needs to sell, and sometimes the act of selling something or persuading someone escalates into a high-stakes communication. When we are young, we may want to sell our parents on letting us stay up past curfew to attend that special concert with our friends. Or we may want to convince them that our preferred college choice (a remote, well-known party school) is better than their preferred college choice (a local, nerdy school). As we move into our professions, the need for selling occurs frequently.