What word has the most synonyms?

The diversity of the English language and our never-ending struggle with accuracy and the precision of word meanings have resulted in an incredibly rich collection of synonyms. The following example demonstrates the breadth and depth of describing a state so loved by humans that they invented a ridiculous number of words for the same condition. You won’t find this in a thesaurus.

My research suggests that the word with the record number of synonyms that mean precisely the same thing is drunk. Although good may have 380 synonyms, many, many of these have different meanings across multiple contexts. Drunk means drunk: under the influence of alcohol to the point that you have lost your sensible decision-making capability. Here are 120 words that are synonyms for drunk. There are many more than I have listed here; this is just a solid sampling of the ones that I have heard.

befuddled belligerent bent besotted blacked-out blasted blind blitzed blocked blotto boiled bombed bunkered bricked buttered buzzed caned canned clobbered cockneyed cranked crapulous crocked cut destroyed dipso dragged drunk embalmed euphoric fermented floating fried giddy gone groggy hammered hammerlocked happy high hooched impaired in rare form inebriated intoxicated juiced legless liquored-up lit loaded looped lubed lushed marinated mellow merry messed up obliterated obliviated out of it overloaded pasted pickled  pie-eyed pissed plastered plotzed plowed polluted pounded ramboed ripped roaring rocked sauced sculpted shellacked shickered shitfaced slammed slopped up sloshed smashed snockered snookered sodden soused sizzled spaced stewed stiff stinking stinko stocious stoned swacked tanked 3 sheets to the wind tied one on tight tipsy toasted tomahawked torque trashed trolleyed tweaked twisted under the influence under the table under the weather unsober wallpapered wasted whipped wiped woozy wrecked zoned zonked

I think it is safe to conclude that words with many synonyms are popular interests of humans.

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