New Hampshire Winners and Losers

It was so encouraging to see last night’s results. The big losers in the NH primary: the DNC and the RNC and the big political donors/lobbyists. The big winner last night: We the people.

Most of my friends are very liberal. OK, I live in Massachusetts. What I have heard for 6 months from most of my friends and community was a broad spectrum of this guy is a clown, that guy is evil, and other such assessments of Republican candidates. I have not heard any, and I mean any, positive statements or endorsements of HRC. However, I have heard a bunch of “I love Bernie, but…” statements. Clearly there is fear in my Democrat friends.

On the Republican side, there is quite an array of diverse candidates. It seems to me that most of the Trump supporters are still in the closet because the flippant judgment of most “highly educated people” is that only a moron could support Trump. Americans want to win and Trump’s nationalism resonates. And to a large degree, that need-to-win-value mostly comes from decades of liberal media who have constantly overexposed winners in our culture. The media are the source of Trump’s power. Pretty ironic.

It is a joy to watch this revolt by the voters of America. Heads up Washington DC and New York City. Your power wealth is being redistributed.

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