Writing a book that passes judgment on good and bad communication techniques is like stirring up a bee hive. You better be ready to get stung. I take a lot of shots in Eureka! at annoying habits, poor communication style, and ineffective techniques. I did my best to use examples that came from people and works that I have the utmost respect for. Furthermore, I have clearly learned much of what doesn’t work well from my own mistakes.

I knew that once this book was published, I would hear from every fellow English loving nitpicker in the world about each and every mistake or misusage. Consequently, my editor and I scrutinized every word through three or four passes.

So far, I have heard from about a dozen people who have found alleged editing mistakes in Eureka! Some are arguable, but several of these were legitimate. Here is a list of the updates that I need to make to the next edition.

  • Page 7- co should be oo in puzzle 2.
  • Page 22, Top bullet- should read: Words that are spelled the same and pronounced the same but have different meaning are called homonyms. Examples: right (opposite of left) and right (entitlement).
  • Page 92- Feynmen should be spelled Feynman.
  • Page 101- 4th sentence under the heading Their Style should have a period after the word research.
  • Page 145- 3rd bullet under Some Ideas for Interviewers should read: Control the agenda and feel free… (not …feel fee)
  • Page 228, item 8, first sentence-should read: Hyphens separate syllables (single or multiple) within a single word.

Atonement is a wonderful feeling. I feel better already and am sure there will be more. If you find any further potential mistakes, please submit them on my website. There is one mistake that was intentional and is not listed above. I figured someday I would run a contest to see who could find it. It is subtle and difficult to find since it is buried in one of the more creative and entertaining sections. The first person to discover this particular mistake will receive a free copy of my book plus a mention in a future blog.

For the next week or so, I will be out on holiday backpacking in Kings Canyon National Park, my favorite sanctuary. My yearly holidays are always the same, some form of retreat to natural wilderness where I am free of electricity, society and most manmade human comforts and burdens.

This blog will not see any new posts until about September 12th, 2011.


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