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My last few blog posts have dealt rather abstractly with selling and persuading. I will close this thread with a practice-what-you-preach example and apply the 8W model to communicate the value of my new book, Eureka! Discover and enjoy the hidden power of the English language.

Diagnostic Dimension Elaboration of Client Context

To whom are you selling?


People who want to communicate better

Young adults who want practical lessons

Professionals who want to build advanced skills


Why would they buy?


Deep insights delivered in simple, thought-provoking lessons

Years of lessons learned packaged in 200+ entertaining pages

A reference book of reusable knowledge, puzzles, and observations


Where do they live or operate?

Professionals in English-speaking countries

Schools and workplaces

Communications workshops and adolescent leadership camps


How will they realize value?


Observing their own communications patterns

Observing the communications strengths and weaknesses of others

Solving puzzles and relishing their observation skills


When are results expected?


Aha! moments in every chapter

Immediately upon observing other people’s communications styles

Over time, improving the effectiveness of their communications

How much value will be realized? A huge, colossal, gargantuan, mammoth amount

Heaps more than the cost of the book, or about $100,000*


Which language should you use?

An informal style suitable for everyone

Occasionally advanced, occasionally humorous, always useful

Practice what you preach


What should you sell them?


An entertaining mix of communications topics, including:

Educational tidbits, principles, patterns, trivia

Puzzles, anecdotes, know-how, worldly wisdom

* This is my context-independent, rough order of magnitude, wild-ass guess of the value that the typical reader will realize in 2010 dollars. If you have a better guess, use it.

Yikes! That is a tall order! However, the exercise I went through in the table above was quite valuable in planning, writing and editing my book. In one page, it summarizes the value proposition that I need to deliver. Like any good value proposition, this one evolved through a dozen versions as I progressed through the material.

The white-space audience dynamics for this book and short buying cycles demand laser-focused market optics that gain traction on a trajectory that leads to leveraged sales momentum and author gravitas. [Is there a smiley for a coprophagist’s grin?]


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