“Walker has a rare knack for taking complex thoughts and rendering them obvious.”
Dr. Danny Sabbah,
General Manager, IBM

"This book is a real gem—it has everything from mind-bending puzzles, humorous discussions about the use of the English language, and very valuable and practical thoughts about management, presenting ideas and leadership."


Eureka! Discover the Hidden Power of the English Language illuminates the communications power as well as the amusement potential of the English language. Instead of highlighting all the hairball rules of English, Walker Royce leads us through a mentally invigorating workout of English usage, good and bad. Provocative insights into high-stakes communications like speaking, coaching, selling, interviewing, and even romance are mixed with English language trivia, humorous anecdotes, and intriguing puzzles.


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Most Commonly Used Words!

Which words are the most commonly used in the English language?

Which words do you use most frequently?



There are about 250,000 words in the English language and as many communications styles as there are people on earth. So many opportunities to be creative or to go astray. There are no absolutes – no best writer, no best speaker, no best style – and no best words. But there are principles of English usage that are generally persuasive, and misusage patterns that are generally ineffective.

Professional success. Teamwork. Teaching and learning. Partnering, parenting, and growing our networks of friends and family. Effective communications are critical to all these endeavors. Our perspective in attacking a problem, telling a story, listening to someone else’s position, or writing a message biases our understanding of the solution, the moral, or the point. If we can have empathy for the viewpoints of others, we can connect and collaborate more effectively.

Walker Royce is an author, a mentor, and a thought leader brimming with insight and ideas. He has coached business leaders and professional teams in high-stakes innovations for more than 30 years. He knows what it takes to connect with audiences and individuals, and he has a rare knack for observing communications styles. Deep down he’s a language nut, a puzzle whiz, and an enthusiastic coach.

Walker’s fresh perspectives will transform us into better listeners, speakers, writers, and teammates. They will stimulate deeper self-observation – a catalyst for improving our own communications proficiency.



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